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Reactivity - a practical approach

You're not alone! I understand your frustration. I know how difficult it is to walk defensively, waiting for the moment when the “damn” stimulus comes your way that will make your dog explode. Nobody likes to walk like this, but all this CAN BE IMPROVED with the right guide. This seminar is different, although it will have the theoretical part that is essential, I will give you a more practical perspective with my personal opinion based on experiences and we will end by leaving exercises with which we will all start working with our dogs!


Turn Anxiety into Harmony

In this seminar, we will not only address the theory, but I will share key tools so that together we can improve! My goal is to change the way you are connecting and communicating with your dog, help you understand it to achieve your goals and get you on the path to well-being.

  • Understanding Reactivity
    What is reactivity?
    Reactivity vs Aggression
    Why is my dog reactive?
    Most common factors and situations
  • Understanding my dog
    The predominant sense in a reactive dog
    Emotions and empathy
    Disobedience or inability?
    What is my dog looking for when he reacts?
  • Action Plan – What do we do?
    Common errors and solutions
    Dog evaluation
    Stress reduction
    Techniques to apply
  • Let’s do it

Together for your well-being and that of your dog

It’s not just about changing behaviors; It is a redefinition of the relationship with your dog. It is learning to understand him, knowing what he is going through and being empathetic. It is also helping you, giving you the hope that you can, that with dedication and persistence, improvements happen!

Price: $25

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