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Welcome to the Dobie Team

Updated Dog Education, adventures and more!

Hello! I’m Leslie Stark from The Dobie Team; specialist in behavior management and passionate about both sporting and civil obedience. I would like to help you better understand your dog and build a good bond in order to solve its behavioral and emotional management problems through updated techniques, ensuring the dog’s well-being and with scientific support.

Why choose to work with The Dobie Team?

Working with me means choosing a transformation in your relationship with your dog. My mission goes beyond solving “problems”. I seek to strengthen and deepen the connection between you and your dog, helping you understand him to not only improve his behavior, but also to enrich the quality of life for both of you.


Personalized Approach

Each dog is unique, and therefore, I adapt the work plans to meet the individual needs of each pet and its owner.


Increased well-being

I seek to achieve a complete transformation that makes your dog happier, more balanced and in tune with you.


Updated Techniques

We help your dog with updated techniques based on emotional management and scientific support. Managing emotions is essential to be able to manage yourself appropriately. We will achieve it together!


Strengthening the Bond

I believe that a strong emotional bond is the basis of everything. Together, we will build a relationship of trust and mutual respect that will last a lifetime.

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