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Brands we use

The brands we mention below are products that we use ourselves. Quality products that we dare to recommend because we have personally tested them.

Stark & Co.

Necklaces and Accessories

It’s our brand! They are exclusive and personalized products.

Line of leather collars handmade by Peruvian artisans and Sport line with Tactical collars, super comfortable harnesses, long straps and more.

Shipping worldwide!



Peruvian Barf Food

Peruvian brand of 100% natural food for dogs. They have prizes and balanced recipes. The team eats both recipes to vary flavors. We believe that protein variation is always good.

With the code DOBIETEAM you have a 10% discount!



Be Trendy

Comfortable and beautiful beds

Peruvian brand of high quality and comfortable beds. They have a wide variety of models and sizes and also have very useful accessories.

Our favorite products: Pet Cover Creme XXL, Slow Pomb Bed, Viaggio and Silver Blanket.

Use our code THEDOBIETEAM and get discounts!

IG: @betrendy.designpet


Canis Cibum

Barf Food in Mexico

Since Arya and I have traveled to Mexico quite a bit, we had to find a BARF alternative for when we are there so thanks to @HouseofDogos we found Canis Cibum.

They are balanced and personalized diets where you can choose proteins, supplements and more. We really love it!

IG: @caniscibum



Variety of supplements that I use and recommend

The Team takes several supplements, but if you have a Doberman, a supplement that I highly recommend for heart care is VetriScience Gummies: Cardio Chews. They can be found on Amazon US and are an ideal supplement for Dobies.

In addition, we always use Anchovy oil from @Vetomegaoficial (IG) which is 100% natural and is a sensational source of Omega 3 and 6. It helps maintain healthy coat, joints among other benefits.

And when it comes to supplements for the joints, I vary, but one that is very good is Cosequin.