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Canine Communication: Decoding and connecting

A body language seminar with analysis of real interactions that will help you understand what your dog is communicating to you

March 12 and 14th at 3:30
Where: Online ZOOM (and recorded for those that can't join live)


Have you ever felt like your dog is trying to tell you something but you just can’t understand it? Dogs constantly communicate with us, but understanding their language is not always easy. This seminar is your opportunity to connect deeply with your dog and understand what he is really communicating to you.

Discover the world of canine communication:

In “Canine Communication: Decoding and connecting”, we will explore every aspect of dog body language, from subtle cues to overt gestures. With analysis of real interactions and live practices, this seminar is designed to help you understand your dog on a deeper level.


  1. The importance of understanding my dog
    1. Does my dog communicate with me?
    2. How do dogs communicate?
    3. Dog-human communication
    4. Live practical test – Did you understand what I explained?
  2. Body language
    1. Appeasement signals
    2. Threat Signals
    3. Affiliative signals
    4. Displacement behaviors
  3. Communications by individual
    1. Each individual is different (Thresholds, Personal knowledge)
    2. Context matters
    3. Ladder of aggression
    4. Examples (videos of specific communications per individual)
  4. Important interactions
    1. The Greeting (between dogs and dog-human)
    2. The game
    3. The conflicts
  5. Video analysis

What you will learn:

  • Practical Techniques: Live exercises to apply what you have learned.
  • Broad Understanding: You will not only identify the signs, but you will understand their context and meaning.
  • Deeper Connection: Strengthen your relationship with your dog, improving mutual understanding and emotional well-being.

This seminar is a unique opportunity to transform your relationship with your dog and understand each of their signals. Get ready for an eye-opening experience that will change the way you communicate with your four-legged friend!