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The Dobie Team!


He was born on June 19, 2012. He is the king of the house. The ultimate cocky mom and the most special dog I will ever have. With unique confidence, above-average intelligence and a personality that conquers whoever knows him.


She was born on August 8, 2013. The queen of the house. The most noble and good dog you will ever meet. She has a unique personality, always happy and playful and bringing you everything she finds along the way to start playing.


She was born on August 2, 2015. Daughter of Boss and Kyra and sister of Zeus. She is the “problem” sister because of her special personality. She is very energetic, obedient and above all playful. A brilliant and highly intelligent dog.


2015-2023. Son of Boss and Kyra and brother of Gaia. We could call it the Zen of the family. Zeus doesn't mess with anyone, he lives in his world, he is very passive but he loves to immerse himself in his search for birds, squirrels and more.


He was born on October 17, 2020 in Russia. The baby of the house, the tremendous girl who came to disturb the tranquility and bring a lot of joy. She is always attentive, full of energy and eager to play. Arya came to teach us a lot and give us a lot of love.
Arya is part of the DDP (Doberman Diversity Project - which seeks to improve longevity in the breed and study genes to contribute to the well-being of the Doberman). It has an Embark genetic panel with the following results: DCM 1 and DCM 2: Clear, VWD: Clear, DM: Clear. She is a 100% European dog imported from Russia.